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A Suffolk village, significant in the Aldous family history

Village History

Stradbroke is within four miles of the Waveney Valley and is still one of the largest villages in the region.  It was home to many Aldous families who have had a presence in the village from at least the early 17th century.  The earliest reference to the village is in the Domesday Book written in 1086, it was then known as 'Stetebroc'.  A later spelling was 'Stradebroc, believed to have derived from 'Stede' (farm or small settlement) near a brook.

A famous son of the village was Robert Grossetester b1168.  He was educated in Oxford, then in it's ascendancy, before moving on to Paris  before returning to Stradbroke in 1214.  He wrote many books of a scientific nature and eventually became bishop of Lincoln in 1235.


Parish Church

The Parish church of St Paul's is in the centre of town, a large, imposing building. The 15th century tower, with its raised stair turret, is visible from miles away. Niches flank the west window, other windows build via a bell window to high battlements. It is one of Suffolk's biggest towers, probably because this was the parish of the De La Poles.

Village Sign


War memorial


In memory of Charles Aldous



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