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Sarah Jane Aldous (1880 -      )

Sarah Jane ALDOUS was the fourth child of Edgar and Mary Aldous and a bit of an enigma. None of the Yorkshire members of the Aldous family were aware there was a girl within this generation of the family; Fred said he had never heard of her.

Sarah Jane was born in Glossop Derbyshire in 1880 and was living with her family at 50 Post Street, Glossop Dale, Derbyshire on the1881 census, and still with them at Deepcar at the time of the 1901 census, where she was described as a mothers help, but it did not say whether she was in employment or just her own mothers help.

Around three months after the census on 15th July 1901 Sarah Jane married James Hardacre SIDEBOTTOM at St Mary’s Church of England church, Bolsterstone. James Hardacre was the brother of Machel Serenna who was later to marry Thomas Aldous. Serenna and Thomas signed the register as witnesses. James Hardacre was born in 1879 at Stainboro Barnsley before the Sidebottoms moved to Stocksbridge.

No information has so far come to light as to what happened to Sarah Jane and James Hardacre after they were married. Did they move away? Did they have any family? Only time will tell.


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