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Frank Aldous (1882 - 1965)

Frank ALDOUS was the fifth child of Edgar and Mary Aldous born 1882 at 50 Platt Street, Glossop Dale in Derbyshire. In the 1901 census Frank was living with the family in Deepcar, and was described as a Puller up, Axle (or Arcle) Hammer at Samuel Fox & Co Ltd’s steel works Stocksbridge. He was working in the Cold Rolled Strip department at the time of his retirement; he had also gone door to door in his spare time, selling children’s clothes from a suitcase. He married Alice Jane ALIBAN who was born around 1884, and they lived at 74 Harvey Street in Haywood Park, Deepcar all their married life. He died on the 23rd February 1965 and was buried in Stocksbridge Cemetery. After Frank’s death Alice went to live in an old peoples home in the High Green area, although she always missed her Deepcar home. She remained there until her own death on 27th May 1972. She was interred in Stocksbridge Cemetery on the 1st June 1972. Her funeral expenses were:-


Coffin £32.75
Hearse £6.75
Cars £10.00
Bearers £2.50
Obituaries £4.25
Grave fees £7.50
Removal from High Green £1.75
 Removal of memorial £2.50
Vicars fees £4.50
Total    £72.50

There are no known comparative details for Frank’s funeral expenses.  Frank and Alice had no family.


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